WATCH: TikTok Has A New Food Trend & This Time, It’s Pesto Eggs


I know, I know… you probably haven’t heard of green eggs since you were reading Dr Seuss as a kid, but turns out, the unconventional breakfast dish has found its resurrection on TikTok…



Are these Pesto Eggs just a trend? Let’s find out! 👀 Recipe credit: @amywilichowski #PestoEggs #Eggs #Homecook #SimpleRecipe #DinnerParty #fyp

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Basically fried eggs with a pesto base, this tasty recipe is the perfect way to spice up your regular eggs on toast. It was originally shared by TikTok user Amy Wilichowski, but it’s been made and customised by hundreds all over the web ever since.



Making the recipe is super simple, all you have to do is to add a tablespoon of your desired pesto into a pan and spread it around (plus, you don’t need oil either, since pesto is usually oil-based).



Pesto eggs recipe #pestoeggs

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Then, just fry your eggs as you normally would and let them pick up all the flavours in the process! Plus, these ‘peggsto’ can be customised with just about anything you fancy, from spinach to chilli oil!



Typically, peggsto are served on a slice of toast – Amy, however, pairs hers with avocado, ricotta, honey, and red chilli flakes – but if you’re looking for extra inspo, pine nuts, bacon, or basil leaves all work wonders too!


Also, you could even experiment with red or even vegan pesto if you’d like!

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