WATCH: Three of Malta’s Finest Artists in one Massive Collaboration

Matthew James, Dav.Jr and our-very own Micimago have gotten together to work on one massive collaboration and this morning they were Daniel and Ylenia’s guest to give their brand new track ‘Recovering’ Bay’s First Play treatment. 

We have seen Matthew James and Micimago working together in MTEAM with Mr.M and Kugene. The new frontman of the Busker – Dav.Jr, on the other hand, worked also with Matthew James on many projects mainly on their songwriting community at SongSmith and with The Busker. In 2021, all three writers decided to sit down and collaborate all together and Recovering was born. 



Recovering takes the listeners on a journey with the distinguishable organic sounds of singer-songwriters Matthew James and Dav.Jr, until Micimago turns it up with his unique electronic style that we all know and love.

This song is about dealing with the loss of loyalty and the batting mixed emotions of sadness, anger and nostalgia that brings with it. This release is paired with a music video shot by Ricky Bugeja Studios, where the three artists are based in a living room where nothing but everything happens.

Watch the music video for this new collab below!



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