WATCH: Three dolphins spotted playing off Maltese coast

They sparked a social media sensation when they were spotted off Delimara around a week ago, but now a pod of dolphins seems to like life around Malta so much that they’ve decided to hang around.

The latest video taken by Beverley Baldacchino shows three of the graceful creatures rising to the surface, just metres away from her boat off the coast of Marsascala.

Experts reckon the continued presence of the marine mammals can only be good news, not just for photographers keen on grabbing a video.

But also because the dolphins being there means they’re after fish, and the fish will only be there if the water is clean and healthy.

Katie Dyke of Whale and Dolphin Conservation told 89.7 Bay: ‘These majestic creatures hunt the waters for food all year round.

We can spot individuals by the scars on their dorsal fins – each one is unique.

‘You can recognise each individual and tell who they are by that mix of scars and you’ll have the same individuals hanging around for a number of years.

‘They hang around in the same pods and family groups though individuals might change.’

Ms Dyke put increased sightings down to a more aware and better equipped public than an increase in dolphin numbers around Malta.

She added: ‘We’re increasingly seeing more people out looking. More people with binoculars or cameras and more people in the know, knowing it’s dolphins.’

Beverley Baldacchino’s video was uploaded on YouTube by Net News.