WATCH: This Villa in Birkirkara Will Be Converted into Malta’s First Music School for Autistic Children and Children with Different Abilities!

Villa Bianca in Birkirkara is set to be transformed into a school of music for children with autism and disabilities. The project will be financed by government, and once completed it will be administered by The Malta Trust Foundation, which is chaired by Former President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.



Minister Roderick Galdes explained that this villa was donated to the Malta Trust Foundation and, through the funds allocated from the Scheme for Persons with Disability offered by the Housing Authority, the necessary works will be carried out so as to offer the required environment to these children and young people.



“Villa Bianca will be converted into a specific environment that takes into consideration the particular needs of the beneficiaries. We are going into a lot of detail, from the colour of paint used for the walls to how we will change the open space with concern to the safety of the children and young people who will be learning music in it. It would have been easier to do only the repair and maintenance works needed in this villa, but as we are also doing in specialised housing projects, together with a number of NGOs, we are thinking of the needs of the people who will be making use of these houses as from the beginning.”



Minister Roderick Galdes reiterated that this project shows how the voice of those who approach the government does not fall on deaf ears but turns into a project that addresses their needs.



“Your experiences are the basis of every project we announce. This project is definitely music for the ears of those who have children with autism or disabilities, as well as for those who have someone in the family or friends who know that this school will make a big difference in their lives.”

He concluded saying that; “I have nothing but words of praise for the Malta Trust Foundation led by Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and I can confidently say that NGOs will always find a shoulder to rely on, an ear ready to listen to their ideas and a helping hand so that such projects are not only created on paper but are also translated into projects.”



The music teachers who will offer their services to this school will be trained by the Resonaari Music School based in Finland, which will pass on the best practices to Malta.

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, the Chair of The Malta Trust Foundation, remarked that; “It is truly commendable to note that the Ministry for Social Accommodation is reaching out to NGOs on projects that are intended to provide services to empower young vulnerable children and young people.  The Villa Bianca School of Music will definitely empower many children and young people with different abilities to gain a better sense of wellbeing. The Ministry for Social Accommodation will be essentially helping the Malta Trust Foundation to fulfil this important objective through this unique project for Malta and Gozo.”

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