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WATCH: This Video is giving us all the Summer Feels that We Need Right Now!

One of the two band clubs in Zabbar – the Ghaqda Madonna tal-Grazzja Banda San Mikiel have got us wanting the Festa season to arrive sooner rather than later.

Basically this is a massive throwback video of their Feast which is usually the last one of the Season, on the First Sunday after the 8th September – and it goes through the various stages of the Zabbar feast both the religious and the non-religious aspect of it.

This video is full of colour, full of life, full of traditions, full of fireworks – basically, full of everything that makes a perfect Festa.

Bay spoke to Quinton Scerri, President of the Club. He told us that The Zabbar festa is one of the most renowned feasts on the island, mainly due to the large crowds that engulf the city centre during the 10 days full of events, sparing from band marches full of colour to one of the most devotional processions in Malta.

“Everyone has a favourite element from the feast, but to us, all activities surround around our love that our forefathers sowed in our hearts, the love for Our Lady of Graces and for our hometown Zabbar.”

We also asked him about whether things are already underway for this year’s Feast and he assured us that the preparations are in full swing.

We’ll be there for sure, together with hundreds of people, who flock to Zabbar for the last Feast of Summer. Do you think it is a case of “saving the best for last?” Scerri said that he is “sure that anyone who had been to our feast can give their full judgement; celebrations, colours, unity and culture surely make it one of the very best. The large crowds from all over the islands are proof that everyone awaits the September Zabbar feast to end summer the best way possible.”