WATCH: This Sustainable TikTok Hack Shows You How To Dissolve Packing Peanuts With Hot Water


If you’ve ever received a parcel and felt guilty over the insane amount of packaging it came with, then this hack is for you…because someone on TikTok has just shared their eco-friendly hack on dissolving packaging peanuts!



I was today years old when I learnt this 😳🙈 #lifehack #learnsomethingnew #fyp

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Okay, let’s be real, most of us have been doing a lot more online shopping over the past year or so… and sometimes, you’ll come across a box stuffed with packing peanuts that you end up throwing out, but we were pleased to find out you can actually dispose of them in a much eco-friendlier way!



Realistically speaking, you’ve got @thattogspot to thank, who recently discovered the hack and shared it on her page. In the video, photographer Jessica McGovern said that she was about to throw out all the foam peanuts when her husband stopped her and told her to put them in the sink.


10 Clever At-Home Uses for Packing Peanuts


She then shared the footage of herself running hot water, showing the little cushions dissolving practically straight away, writing, ‘I was today years old when I learnt this’.



However, one person in the comments did clarify and explain, ‘They made them water-soluble a few years ago! Not all of them do this but loads do now it’s great!’. Basically, many modern packing peanuts are made from wheat and cornstarch, so can be composted and dissolved in water!


Premium Photo | Polystyrene or white styrofoam packing


Another user even shared another tip, advising people to use the watered-down starch for their plants, as it makes for great plant food, adding, ‘It’s good for Orchideas for example’.


And just when you think something is completely pointless!

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