WATCH: “This place is being used as a toilet, with s*it and toilet paper everywhere”

Franny Portelli takes a stroll around Wied Ghollieqa, in San Gwann, three times a day, and takes it upon herself, every time she visits, to pick up waste that students and people frequenting the area leave behind.

“I go three times a day with my dog… and I always find rubbish because students and people crossing from Kappara to University just throw their waste wherever they please.

But today….it was MASSIVE”

In all the walks she’s taken in Wied Ghollieqa, which is a very small green area, perfect for walks, between Kappara and University, she’s never seen anything like this.

She writes on a Facebook post:

“1.5 hours to collect all this and put in a pile, to be ready to be put in garbage bags later….

“What a SHAME

” We moan about not having enough greenery….then we destroy the little that we have.

“This place is being used as a toilet, with s*it and toilet paper everywhere… BBQs are being done illegally and they’re DANGEROUS….

“All the plastic is ending up in the valley carried along with rain water and clogging up somewhere….

“Something needs to be done TODAY.”

Franny shares with Bay how the area is frequented by loads of hedgehogs, lizards and stray cats which they regularly feed.

“Their area is littered with rubbish and plastic.”

And although she’s never encountered this amount of waste during any of her walk, it’s not even the worst thing she’s seen people leaving behind.

“Last month there was an area full of human sh*t and toilet paper thrown everywhere.”

“I get that people have natural needs, but not at a place that people use as a recreational area.”

Franny goes on to explain how she feels that people living in the area are extremely lucky to have a place like this so close to their home, yet they’re so reckless when it comes cleaning up after them, which would literally take them less than five minutes.

“ We are caught up in our everyday bubble and forget that this earth is our home….she gives us so much beauty and we treat her like crap.

“We are responsible for our FUTURE!!! It’s time we start acting like it.”

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