WATCH: This Maltese Woman with Cerebral Palsy Just Keeps Inspiring All of Us!


Jeanesse Abela might not be a new name for some, but for those who have never heard of her, Jeanesse is a 39-year-old Maltese woman, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Despite this, Jeanesse loves to live life to the full, she is adventurous, fun and wants to show the world what it is like to live everyday life with a disability, in the hope of raising awareness, and making things easier for everyone around her.



Apart from having an acting career thanks to hit show ‘Division 7’, Jeanesse is also very active on social media, and has been regularly posting videos of herself taking on challenges which would seem to be “normal” for the most of us, but for her are an incredible milestone.

From typing with one finger, to drinking on her own with no one helping her, Jeanesse is the perfect example to all of us, clearly showing us that no matter what life throws at you, we should never give up hope!



Today Jeanesse uploaded a new video, showing a new challenge which shows her walking to and from in her room with no walking aid! The look on her face at the end, and that smile is the right dose of “heart-warming” which we all need!


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