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WATCH: This Maltese Pup Is Cleaning Our Beaches One Plastic Bottle At A Time

What started out as a cute game of catch has turned into a beach clean up! Holly, a 2-year-old springer spaniel, has made it her mission to collect plastic bottles from the sea during her many swims, and her owner Dana has caught it all on camera!

“She started learning how to swim as a puppy and always gained her confidence. We used to play fetch with a ball, but once I forgot to bring it with me and saw her returning with a plastic bottle to play with instead.  From then on, she started picking up the bottles she found, and we make sure to throw them away after we’re done playing.”

Dana tells us how they don’t always find plastic bottles wherever they go, but sometimes the sea has some bottles and other plastic items and since she taught her to collect the items, she just picks them up.

“It’s a bit of fun for her, and we’re glad we’re doing something to help with the plastic and sea situation in Malta. It’s horrible to see so much plastic ending up in our sea, so knowing that she likes it so much, we try and take her to the beach as much as we can. It’s a win win really, play time for her, and taking care of the environment at the same time, not to mention letting her get some exercise in and beating the summer heat!”

Way to go Holly!!!

You can follow more of Holly’s fun adventures and super adorable photos on her Instagram page!