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WATCH: This is YouTube’s FIRST-EVER Video, and it Turns 15 This Week!


In an age where social media is everything, in an age where people post all sorts of videos onto YouTube, tapping into their creative juices, to make sure that their video stands out, ONE Video was posted 15 years ago which had none of the glitz and glamour and over-thinking which we sometimes see on YouTube nowadays.

If you were to rewind to simpler times, you’d find a YouTube video that encompasses the innocent nature of early social media platforms – in the form of “Me at the zoo”.



On 24 April 2020, YouTube’s first-ever video will celebrate its 15-year anniversary. Today the video, which sees YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, describing the elephants at the San Diego Zoo, is still going strong.

In fact, the 18-second video, has been viewed more than 90m times since it was uploaded two months after the site’s creation and one month before the platform’s public beta launch, and Karim has placed a challenge stating that he will issue an update if he reaches 10M Subscribers.

While the grainy video is nothing to write home about, it was the ideal model for what YouTube hoped to become – a platform where people could share moments from their own lives, interesting or not.



A quick look at YouTube’s website states that YouTube’s mission “is to give everyone a voice and show them the world,” a format which also carved out a new sphere in the media industry, by changing the way people access and consume news.

One thing is for sure – “Me at The Zoo” marked the start of what would be a valuable format for people looking for information – and quickly.