WATCH: This Gorgeous Drone Footage Of Comino Will Take Your Breath Away

Malta has many mesmerizing sights. The Azure window may have collapsed, but it allowed for other naturally formed windows to grab our attention.

We have megalithic temples and magnificent churches, among others, and to add to all of these, we have Comino, an area of crystal blue sea to take any local or tourist’s breath away.

It’s one thing sailing to Comino and experiencing that gorgeous blue sea yourself, but we bet you’ve never seen how amazing it looks if you take a peak at in from a higher angle.

That’s why this drone footage is so perfect – you can really enjoy the beauty of Comino in all its magnificent glory.


Blue Lagoon, Malta

Get ready to fall in love with Malta's Blue Lagoon! 🙌📍 Comino, Malta🎥🌊

Publiée par St. Andrew's Divers Cove sur Samedi 27 juin 2020

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