WATCH: This Christmas, Let’s Make Sure no One is Truly Home Alone

Local theatre company Arthaus, have put together a promotional video for the festive
season combining the talents of their creatives, as well as those of The Palace String Orchestra.

For many performers, artists, singers, and musicians, these past few months have been challenging and we have all been away from a place which we call home, be it a studio, a theatre, an auditorium, or even a rehearsal space.



Arthaus and The Palace String Orchestra have teamed up to present a fitting Christmas 2020 message, as what can be easily nicknamed ‘the year of uncertainty’ comes to an end.

For Arthaus, the Mediterranean Conference Centre was home until the 8th March 2020, when the Malta premiere of The Addams Family came to an end.

This was also the weekend when Malta registered its first COVID-19 cases. All would change after that weekend. As it did in fact change, even for the Palace String Orchestra, which becomes a home of its own every time its fantastic musicians come together to play gorgeous pieces of music, such as John Williams’ iconic theme tune of Home Alone.



The video takes us to Valletta, which was remarkably empty and barren for most of this year, as everyone stayed home.

While we cannot be with our loved ones as usual this Christmas, our message is simple – this Christmas, make sure no one is truly home alone – a phone call, a text, a video call and even a traditional Christmas card will certainly do the trick.



In the meantime, Arthaus are busy preparing their 2021 plans, as the incredible response to production of The Addams Family injected a rush of adrenaline, while The Palace String Orchestra are thrilled to be entertaining the people of Malta and Gozo in the New Year’s Eve Variety Show, which will be live across all major TV channels.



The video was produced and directed by Neil Grech & coordinated by Neil Zahra with Choreography by Amy Caruana Dingli

Dancers: Dean Ellul Julia Frendo Nicholas Aquilina Mireille Grixti