Watch these X-Men movies before watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Dark Pheonix is the 4th film in the X-Men prequel series, and while it would be amazing if you can binge-watch your way through all eleven before heading off to watch Dark Pheonix at the Eden Cinemas (is there really any other cinema you’d rather watch it in), in reality, you need only watch three.

We’re about to walk you through which X-Men movies you need to watch before X-men Dark Phoenix and why, so a spoiler alert is in order if you’ve never watched any of the X-Men movies before.

X-Men: First Class

x men first class

In this film, you’ll see how the first X-Men were formed and how they stopped the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. You’ll find out all about the lifelong friendship/love triangle between Charles Xavier, Magneto and Mystique and how it all fell apart.

So why is it important to watch before Dark Phoenix? Let’s just say it teaches us something about Professor X, which will be useful when watching Dark Phoenix.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past

x men days of future past

This X-Men movie introduces us to Quicksilver, a character which you will see more of in Dark Phoenix.

Days of the Future Past establishes the strong relationship between Beast and Professor X, which will get tested in Dark Phoenix.

The ending of this X-Men sees Wolverine alter the timeline so he could have a happy ending with Jean Grey, something which is altered again in Dark Phoenix.

X-Men Apocalypse

X-men apocalypse

This is perhaps the most important X-Men movie to watch before Dark Phoenix given that it directly sets up the plot of the film.  In this one, you’ll meet the Jean Grey that will be played by Sophie turner in both movies together with the same members of the X-Men.

Seeing how Jean learns to tap into her power will give you some useful insight while watching Dark Phoenix … especially since her power is unleashing the Phoenix Force.

Phoenix Force … Dark Phoenix … coincidence? We think not.

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