WATCH: These Americans trying to pronounce the surname ‘Buttigieg’ are just hilarious

We’ve been hearing about Pete Buttigieg for quite some time now. He’s the half Maltese-American running for President of the United States, putting Malta on the map every time his surname pops up.

Now Mayor Pete is having quite the struggle trying to get his followers to properly pronounce the extremely popular Maltese surname …

There’s just one thing … it seems like Mayor Pete can’t even pronounce it properly himself.

An episode of Jimmy Kimmel back in April took to the streets and asked pedestrians to have a go at saying ‘Buttigieg’.

Come on guys, it’s not that hard.

Mayor Pete’s merch is full of ‘Boot Edge Edge’ t-shirts and mugs in hopes of teaching the young minds of America the supposedly proper way of pronouncing the surname of the person who could well possibly be the next President of the USA.

Now, watching these guys have a go at it is absolutely hilarious … but what actually amazed us is that someone GOT IT RIGHT! And the poor guy didn’t even get credit for it. [Just hover over to 1:33 and hear the near perfect pronunciation of the surname ‘Buttigieg’]

What’s even more hilarious? What they think it means.

Tag a Maltese living in American that needs to teach someone how to properly pronounce ‘Buttigieg’.

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