WATCH: The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights Gets A Remix


Blinding Lights quickly and easily became one of the catchiest tunes this year, with the song blowing up on radio waves and TikTok. I mean, who can’t hum the catchy synth tune on demand?



Anyway, this massive track just got a remix from Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia, who was on the track TKN with Travis Scott which also blew up on TikTok.



Rosalia now opens the tune with a verse in Spanish, and like any good remix, adds her own harmonies to the hook and a few lines to the bridge. An interesting remix, to say the least. The Weeknd teased this track on Thursday with a pic on Instagram with the iconic look from the Blinding Lights video, embracing Rosalia, which got fans speculating…


The Weeknd x Rosalía confirmed - Entertainment News - Gaga Daily


Looking through the comment section, fans are definitely having mixed feelings… My two cents? I think I prefer the original if I’m going to be honest, as The Weeknd’s vocals shine on their own, but I do appreciate a good harmony on the hook!


So for now, we’ll just sit back and see what the future holds for this Remix!

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