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WATCH: The Weeknd Drops Sensual Selfie Video For ‘Try Me’


The Weeknd has just dropped a sensual selfie video for Try Me last Tuesday in celebration of the three-year anniversary of his My Dear Melancholy EP, as the singer announced in a cheeky Tweet…



The Weeknd took to Twitter and wrote ‘found this on my camera roll’ as he posted the vertical visual for the longing ballad, where he lip-synchs to the song in the front seat of a car, with bodies behind him wrapping their limbs around each other…



What can I say? The dude knows how to get weird… After zeroing in on the backseat lovers, he switches the camera’s gaze to a pair of women hugging it out in a parking lot before swinging the lens back to the models, whose eyes now glow green and red amid the flashing lights.



Following this release, it looks like The Weeknd has been in quite the nostalgic mood recently – he even released the 10th-anniversary edition of his 2011 debut mixtape, House of Balloons, to streaming service for the first time last week.


Needless to say, The Weeknd has just served us with another BANGER!