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WATCH: The Walking Dead Releases Trailer for Season 11


The Walking Dead has just dropped a new trailer to show what’s in store for survivors in the upcoming season, which consists of six extended episodes. Familiar faces are also promised to be welcomed back.



The trailer sees the return of Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohen), who drifted from the group after her husband Glenn (Steven Yuen) was brutally killed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).



Maggie is also teased to be hellbent on revenge as she makes a comeback with her son, Hershel, ‘I told him a bad man killed him and he wanted to know if that man got what he deserved.’



This is basically enough to tip Negan off, who’s becoming more and more erratic. The trailer also sees him posing alongside his infamous barbed wire baseball bat that he named after Lucille, his wife.


The Walking Dead' Season 10 Sets Return Date in February 2021 | TVLine


The real Lucille is expected to make a debut this season. However, Negan repeatedly cheated on Lucille while she battled cancer, but he oddly still has feelings for her.



So, this looks like a pretty tense season for the entire group, and whilst it was expected to air in April last year, post-production was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.


Walking Dead' Season 10 Finale Delayed Due to Coronavirus - Variety


The upcoming season will also be the last of The Walking Dead, but various spin-offs are expected to follow the survivors. Season 11 will air on the 28th of February.