WATCH: ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Shoots to Netflix’s Number 1 In Malta and Here’s Why


It’s probably been suggested to you already and there’s no question why it’s in the Top Ten list in Malta. ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was released at the end of October and has since been the favourite of countless viewers.



Taking place during the late 1990s during the Cold War era, it revolves around a young woman with the name of Elisabeth Harmon. Beth, as she was called had a very turbulent life and suffered since she was a child.



After losing her mother, she spent her childhood in an orphanage where she developed an interest in chess and upon seeing the janitor play in the basement.



Her interest ultimately led her to find her passion as Beth eventually discovers her prodigious talent. The portrayal of it all is just beautiful, with the series touching on subjects such as substance abuse and addiction.



From the acting to the set designs, props, and wardrobe, every episode is immersive, providing an accurate recount of the times and hours of binge-worthy content!



The acting is nothing short of amazing, with Beth being portrayed by the stunning Anya Taylor-Joy, her reserved yet confident character comes through perfectly while showing off classy dresses and her iconic red bob. Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Henry Melling also contribute to the cast along with director Marielle Heller who portrays Beth’s mother in a rare acting role.

So if you’re bored inside social distancing or if you have nothing to watch, ‘The Queen’s Gambit is definitely worth a watch!

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