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WATCH: “The Minute we Arrived in Sicily, we Were Imposed with a Curfew” – Fabio Spiteri on Bay Chats


Bay Chats is back, and for this first episode, which is being brought to you by Cynergi Plus, and we sat down with Athlete Fabio Spiteri who has recently completed a massive cycling challenge around Sicily in 2 days and 8 hours.

Fabio decided to embark on this challenge after coming up with it himself, in a year, which was difficult for all athletes including himself, as he had his two big races cancelled. He told Bay Chats that he always wanted to cycle around Sicily in two days, “having previously managed to do it in five days, in four days, and in three days. So I was left with the next possible challenge – cycling around Sicily in two days,” adding that he purposely trained for six months to prepare for this challenge.



Expectation vs Reality | How Fabio’s Plans Changed

The COVID-19 pandemic also thwarted with Fabio’s challenge, as he explains.

“The plan originally was to cycle around Sicily in 50 hours, but that had to change, the minute we arrived in Sicily, we were imposed with a curfew, and the police told us that I won’t be allowed to cycle between 11pm and 5am of the following that, so that put me off by 12 hours already,” he told Bay Chats.



The new plan saw Fabio cycling harder, for 18 hours on the first day. Apart from that, he said, “the weather was a bit against me on the first day, as we had a lot of headwind and rain. On the second day, the weather was perfectly fine, but for about six hours I had to cycle alone, as my support team got stuck in the city traffic. Luckily, I had no punctures or mechanical failures.”



Over €20,000 collected for 16 Animal Welfare NGOs

Fabio took on this challenge to raise funds for Animal Welfare NGOs. He told us that these NGOs “depend solely on donations from the general public, and their expenses run in the thousands, with vet bills, animal food, and even electricity and water bills, to mention but a few.”

Since this was a challenge for him, Fabio tried to collect as much money as possible to be able to distribute them to the NGOs, which he did today.



What’s Next for Fabio Spiteri?

Fabio has applied for a double ironman to try and break his own national record. A Double Ironman consists of a 7.6km swim, 360km bike and a 84km run.

“This will be a sort of a warm-up for my big 2021 race, where I will attempting a Quintuple race which is a 19km swim, 900km bike, almost the circumference of Sicily, and a 211km run,” Fabio said, whilst adding that he will like to give Sicily another go, hopefully with no curfew, to go under 50 hours.


Watch Fabio Spiteri’s Full Interview below: