WATCH: The Latest ‘Sailor Moon’ Movie Is Coming To Netflix


Sailor Moon fans rejoice! As the film adaptation of the widely popular manga series is set to land on Netflix.



Titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, it has already made a theatrical release in Japan earlier this year. So this will be the first time the new Sailor Moon film will make a debut outside the country.



The streaming platform’s Content Acquisition Manager Ema Hirayama couldn’t help but show her excitement to this. As she stated, like so many others worldwide, she recalls that her love of anime started when she used to watch Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon when she was a toddler. She even recalls pictures of her in Usagi’s bunhead.



This two-part film will revolve around the theme of dreams and is based on the ‘Dream Arc’ of the original series. As the story follows the growth of the Sailor Guardians as well as the romantic connection between Chibiusa and Helios.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie will be available on Netflix on June 3.

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