WATCH: The Busker and Matthew James – The Collaboration We Didn’t Know We Needed


Put on your NEW RELEASE RADAR as Matthew James does it again with another funky tune to kick start the weekend on The Busker’s new track ‘Just A Little Bit More’. This is the first collaborative single off the ‘X’ EP.



As one of its lines goes, “I’ve been trying to change the world but I’m afraid I need a hundred million good-souled men”… we feel ya lads.


I Got You Heart GIF by Tristen J. Winger


No man ALONE can change the world! However, with the help and support of one another, we can make times easier on ourselves, and what better way to do so than sharing fun and energetic tune with the world!



It’s one that gets your foot tapping and head nodding, definitely worth a watch too! The video was directed and filmed by Three Wise Men Studios, while the song is co-produced by The Busker and Matthew James, and was recorded and mixed at Sub Studios, mastered at Metropolis.

The Video also featured dancers from The Unit: Deedee Clark, Nicole Schembri, and Charlotte Stivala.



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