WATCH: The 15-Year Old Teen Who’s A Favourite To Win Britain’s Got Talent

In an audition which was described as Beautiful and Inspirational, Britain’s Got Talent last week introduced us to Sirine Jahangir, who at 15, has now become a favourite to win this year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Sirine lost her sight at the age of 10, and impressed all four judges with her singing and piano-playing during the BGT audition rounds, which we can follow in Malta on GO Stars.

The preliminary episodes of the series were recorded before the coronavirus lockdown came into effect.



“My heart has just melted, what a sweet, sweet girl you are. You sang beautifully,” Judge Alesha Dixon, which was followed by Amanda Holden telling Sirine that she “found the entire audition so poignant, you exhumed lightness. It was just brilliant.”

Sirine told Simon Cowell that she only does school performances “so this is something completely new.”

David Walliams told Sirine that what she couldn’t see is the whole of the Palladium on their feet.

In a recent interview with BBC, Sirine said that she couldn’t believe that she is the bookies’ favourite.