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WATCH: Terrifying Python Lunges Towards Woman In Supermarket


If you’ve ever wondered what nightmares are made of, I might just have the perfect example for you… Some terrifying footage has emerged of a python lunging at a woman, who was browsing in the spice aisle of an Australian supermarket.



Helaina Atlati spotted the sneaking snake whilst going about her shopping. As soon as she turned around, her face came inches away from the three-meter-long reptile. Talk about luck…



The footage sees the python perching on a row of spices, laying perfectly still. Atlati predicts that the python must have been sat there for at least a few hours due to being ‘sort of hidden behind the spices’, and her not having seen him immediately.



Fortunately, Atlati is actually an ex-volunteer snake catcher. Again, talk about luck… She went on to explain how the snake was ‘super mellow, not aggressive at all’ and that he likely ‘came down from the ceiling’. Nevertheless, she’s glad to be the one who found him, since most people would have flipped – myself included.



Atlati managed to grab her snake back and relocate him into a bush. However, the supermarket still does not know how the snake managed to get into the store.