WATCH: Take A Look At A Rare Sight Of Dolphins Swimming In Venice’s Grand Canal


A ‘beautiful and rare moment’ has been spotted in Venice’s famous Grand Canal… a pair of swimming dolphins making a splash with locals!



The dolphins are believed to be an adult and an adolescent striped dolphin, and were spotted making their way along the channel on Monday morning according to CERT, an emergency response team operating out of around the Mediterranean Sea that rescues stranded marine animals.



CERT said it took local authorities over two hours to guide the dolphins back into open waters after they became ‘disoriented’ swimming between passing boats on the canal.



In translation, the post reads, ‘It was important to remove the two animals in obvious difficulty from the intense traffic area and this took more than two hours…the animals have no longer been spotted and hopefully, given the wide horizon towards the open sea, they’ll be able to return to sea again.’


They also added that it’s unusual for striped dolphins to wander into the northern Adriatic Sea as the subspecies ‘prefers deep waters where they live in large groups’. Guido Pietroluongo, one of their field scientist, told CNN that they could have lost their way while trying to find food.


Well… with the city in lockdown amid the ongoing pandemic, there’s no denying that their brief visit gave locals a little bit of joy!