WATCH: Students Surprise Their Favourite Teacher With A Carcade In Front Of His Home

We all have that one teacher we will always remember as being our favourite. From the way they act to the way they teach, we just love them. We’d look for them when we visited the school after leaving, and love randomly meeting them and end up catching up.

Well this year was a little bit different, as many students did not get the chance to say goodbye to their most loved teacher.

But it seems like these students had a different plan in mind.

Gathering in front of their favourite teacher’s home, they got all the works out with a car cade and many balloons to follow, giving him a lovely surprise.

Check it out!

@francescavassallo3student’s didn’t get to say goodbye to their fave ##teacher due to ##covid…. so this is what they did to thank him for his love and dedication 😭♬ Coffee for Your Head – Vinyll

What a sweet gesture!!! Kind of makes you want to become a teacher right?


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