WATCH: Student’s Creation Translates Sign Language To Real-Time English With AI


Engineering student Priyanjali Gupta wanted to bridge the gap between real-time communication and sign-language.


Priyanjali noticed that with real-time communication, software companies keep their platforms updated with identifying the person speaking. However, a person using sign language doesn’t have the same recognition acting as a barrier to them which she wished to them.



The engineering student from Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) came up with an AI model which translates English into real-time and shared it on LinkedIn. Her mother was an encouraging factor in this creation who urged her to try something different. In fact, Gupta said: “It made me contemplate what I could do with my knowledge and skillset. The idea of inclusive technology struck me.


Student uses AI to translate sign language to English in real-time


Her creation turns sign language signals into English text by analyzing body motions including arms and fingers. This provides people with speech or hearing impairments a new method of easier communication. So far, this model can work on single frames but cannot detect videos. The translation of sign language to other languages still has a lot of work that needs to be done. However, Gupta’s creation is a great starting point.



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