WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ Hits The Streets of Valletta


‘The Upside Down’ but Make it Maltese – we promise you; this is going to be the coolest thing you’ll see today!


With Season 4 of Stranger Things coming up on Netflix this year, you might think that this was just another scene taken from the series… but stuntman and filmmaker Jurijs Kruze actually took to the streets of Valletta to produce this awesome mock-trailer!



Yep, Jurijs managed to convince us that a Demogorgon from the underworld was not-so-casually roaming around Valletta at night…pretty creepy when you think about it, right? I mean, what would Stranger Things be like if it were actually set in Malta?


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But anyways… hats off to you Juris! This mock-trailer was so impressive, it could genuinely pass for a scene from Stranger Things, and gave us a little taste of the dungeons & dragons adventure that we needed!



Unfortunately, due to delays in filming caused by the ongoing pandemic, the show will surely not be returning with Season 4 until the latter half of 2021 at the earliest.



However, Season 2 and 3 were both released sometime around Halloween, so we’re hoping that Season 4 will fall in line with the rest…fingers crossed!

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