WATCH: Stepping Out of his Comfort Zone, Dav Jr teams up with Matt Blxck to Release ‘Maria’


By now Dav.Jr and MATT BLXCK, are two familiar names who are starting to secure their places in our local music scene. Two names that come from different ends of the pop music spectrum, who have combined their synergies to launch ‘MARIA’.

‘MARIA’ is a collaborative track that has been in the pipeline since last April, after an online interview Dav.Jr had with local music blogger Eileen Spiteri, where he said he would imagine himself collaborating with different artists one of whom was Matt Blxck.



So how does MATT BLXCK’s flamboyance meet Dav.Jr’s introvert music? This song was written at a time where both Matt and Dav.Jr itched for better days.

Between self-isolation and both going through two heart-breaking family losses, the pair wanted to let loose and invite us on a carefree experience. An invitation which EVERYONE should accept!



‘MARIA’ was recorded at SUB Studios, with Matt and Dav.Jr both co-producing the song alongside David Grech (The Busker Bassist). The track is paired with a colourful video shot and directed by Luke Borg, Gabriel Piscopo and Jonathan Brincat.



The perfectly-represented artwork designed by Sarah Cauchi (Sarah_Cookie) having Matt and Dav.Jr as caricatures on floaties completes the entire picture to make ‘MARIA’ one of the most exciting collaborations for 2020!

Watch the super-cool video below!