WATCH: St Venera’s Primary School Teachers Create Heartwarming Video For Their Students

Kids around Malta have been self-isolating themselves for the past two weeks now. Schools have been empty for around 15 days, and people from all over the island have been heavily advised not to leave their home unless they absolutely have to.

For the past few weeks, and for as long as needs be, children and teachers have been communicating via video-chats and online systems to complete the year’s curriculum.

We can imagine how difficult it is to not see teachers or your friends, staying only at home for the foreseeable future, and so do the teachers at St Venera’s primary school, which is why them came up with this cute gesture.

St Venera’s primary school teachers rewrote the lyrics to the song Marina Marina by Rocco Granata, giving their students courage in these days of ‘Kwarantina’ and it is absolutely adorable.

Have a look.


Hekk kif ilna gimghatejn ma naraw lil xulxin sibna li nferrhukom ftit permezz ta' dal-filmat preparat apposta minn hafna mill-edukaturi taghna 🙂 #tama

Publiée par St Venera Primary sur Jeudi 26 mars 2020

And we think students from all around Malta can relate to this.

Well done to everyone behind this great gesture, you’ve not only brightened up your students’ day, but also ours.