WATCH: St Peter’s Pool is Home to a NEW Canine Diving Sensation – Introducing #MandyTheDog


Over the years, St Peter’s Pool has been home to a number of diving sensations, of the canine kind!

We all remember Titti, who had gone viral after diving in sync with her owner, Carmelo Abela (no, not the minister). We also remember, Tina – Carmelo Abela’s new puppy, after Titti had sadly passed away. But now, there is a new dog on the block!



Bay Fan Karl Micallef from Rabat, shared with us a really impressive video of him and his dog Mandy diving from the highest point at St Peter’s Pool, and it is pretty much impressive, as can also be heard by the cheers from all those present!



Mandy is a Belgian Malinois and is only 1 year and five months old, but she is quite the adventurer and an avid swimmer. Mandy can also climb ladders, and makes sure to dip her paws wherever she can!



If you plan on visiting St Peter’s Pool in the coming days, be on the lookout, as you might come across Malta’s new celebrity, who loves nothing but diving in Malta’s glittering blue seas!

Talking to Bay, Karl said that Mandy, which is his third dog, has always loved the sea, ever since he took her out for the first time. About the dive at St Peter’s Pool Karl told us that people were cheering and somewhat surprise that his dog jumped from the highest point in the area!


We think we’re in love! 



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