WATCH: Some of the most popular coronavirus myths debunked

A video by Science Insider has asked two pathologists, Stephen Morse and Syra Madad, to explain common myths and misconceptions all of us have had at some point or another about the coronavirus.

From whether wearing a mask will prevent you getting the virus, to if coronavirus  came from eating bat soup, this video explains it all.

Pathologists Debunk 13 Coronavirus Myths

Pathologists debunk 13 coronavirus myths.

Publiée par Science Insider sur Mardi 18 février 2020


They talk about the likelihood of surviving the virus, and about the conspiracy theories surrounding the whole thing.

“Panic or fear is not really what we need,” Morse explains.

The coronavirus has claimed over 2,200 lives so far, globally. The video, however, explains that over 6,000 people have also overcome the virus and have been released from hospital.

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