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WATCH: Shocking video shows huge waves battering Marsalforn

This is the terrifying moment when a giant wave slammed into the seafront at one of Gozo’s most popular holiday resorts.

Marsalforn took a hammering from the angry sea on Saturday as gale-force winds of up to 103 km/h swept across the Maltese Islands.

The incredible power of Mother Nature in Marsalforn Bay was captured by Gozo-based photographer Fabian Tagliaferro.

Take a look at his stunning shots, below:

The giant waves reached as high as five-storeys at one point as they slammed against the promenade.

Businesses on Marina Street in Marsalforn were forced to close because of the stormy weather.

One seafront restaurant owner, Diane Falzon, posted on Facebook: ‘Every winter always the same. Things never change and no one cares.’

She told Times of Malta on Saturday: ‘They’ve been mentioning building the breakwater for years now.

‘They’ve been promising it even since the previous government but nothing has been done about it.

‘It’s in the pipeline but it never arrives. Instead, they re-paint the walls and railings after every winter.

‘Every year they incur damage and then they repair it. They want to make the promenade look nice.

‘Then winter comes and we’re back to square one.’

Storm chasers rushed to share dramatic videos of the stormy sea in Marsalforn Bay on Instagram, as pebbles, sand and seaweed littered the promenade.

Watch the video, below:

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