WATCH: Shawn Mendes Releases Tracks from New Album “Wonder”


This just in – 2020 just got a whole lot better, because Shawn Mendes’ long-awaited album, Wonder, is officially out – and we’re totally OBSESSED!



The above track, Look Up to The Stars, was released alongside several other of his tracks off of his fourth studio album, Wonder, including; “Always been you”, “Piece of you”, “Call my friends”, “Teach me How to Love You” and much more!



I’m not crying. I’m not crying. I’m not crying. Okay, I’m crying.



Mendes took to YouTube and decided to utterly bless us by releasing some artsy, sketch-like lyric videos – I mean, he really decided to take the repairing of 2020 into his hands… Needless to say, my favourite song on this album is changing with every song.



Oh, and did I mention, that he released the ENTIRE album on YouTube? Yeah, he did. You should go listen. And if you’d like to delve in deeper into what it took to create this album, and what it means to Shawn Mendes, then you can watch his documentary, Wonder, on Netflix!