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WATCH: Shakira & Black Eyed Peas Release New Song


Okay, I feel like I’ve just been transported back to 2009 because Shakira and Black Eyed Peas have recently dropped a new track, Girl Like Me, and it’s an English-Spanish banger!



And of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without Shakira dancing! Also, can we take a second to appreciate the fact that Shakira is 43 and she looks younger than some people my age? Wow.



I mean, even one of the rappers,, commented on the dance moves and how drop-dead gorgeous she is! The rapper also shared that ‘the hand choreography is NEXT LEVEL’ and we agree!



The music video was directed by Rich Lee, who also directed Black Eyed Peas hits’ ‘imma be rocking that body’ and ‘T.H.E’. expressed his admiration for Lee and how great the music video turned out, sharing, ‘I love how simple and minimal it is…futuristic and iconic’.



He also shared that Shakira came to his studio back in 2008, which is when they initially worked on the song! Since then, shared, ‘I’ve made so many different versions of this song…and we found the perfect vibe for it…and now the video is here!’ Guess I wasn’t entirely wrong after all!