WATCH: Robbie Williams Hits the Studio Again For a Pandemic-Inspired Ballad…and He’s Not the Only One


‘Let Me Entertain You’ singer, Robbie Williams, and contemporary rock band The Struts have released a ballad entitled ‘Strange Days’ in a bid to share a sliver of hope in these very dark times filled with uncertainty – and we are once again given a reminder of just how amazing Robbie Williams sounds (and how much we need him in our lives)!

But … enough fangirling! The hopeful track and its music video were both recorded in LA earlier this year, and subsequent to this, Williams praised the rock band and the song in itself. He exclusively told The Sun that “It’s an incredible song and I feel blessed to be involved. The Struts are so incredibly talented… These are strange days, and this is an anthem for these strange times.”



The gorgeous melody is accompanied by some optimistic lyrics, where the two artists share the message that despite the very bizarre and doubtful period we are all currently experiencing, there is always that silver lining.

This is seen through lyrics such as “But isn’t it good to be down here alive? / Something money could never buy / It’s worth more than a million roses”.



The current pandemic seems to have inspired more than solely Williams and The Struts, as several other artists have released songs alluding to these very weird times we are living in.

This includes the beloved rock band ‘The Rolling Stones’; despite the fact that fans had been deprived of their original music for a while this pandemic seemingly provided them with the right opportunity to release their new track “Living in a Ghost Town”.



This song highlights the loneliness brought about by the current state of the world, through lyrics such as “You can search for me / I had to go underground / Life was so beautiful / Then we all got locked down / Feel like a ghost / Living in a ghost town, yeah.”

Despite the slightly more melancholic tone of this track, in comparison to ‘Strange Days’, we cannot deny that this pandemic has led to a great bout of inspiration being provided to artists all over the world!

Have YOU listened to any of these tracks?