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WATCH: Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch Stars in New Thriller ‘Sightless’


‘Sightless’ is a Hitchcockian-style psychological thriller and was written and directed by filmmaker Cooper Karl and apparently, everyone is raving about its big twist whilst trying to “figure it all out”. The movie is also currently number 3 on Netflix in Malta.



In the movie, Madelaine Petsch takes on the role of Ellen Ashland, a formerly famous violinist who gets attacked one night, leading to a permanent loss of her eyesight.



Meanwhile, she tries to adapt to her new and dark reality, but she doubts everything and everyone, especially when her next-door neighbour warns her not to trust a single soul.


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Ellen is aided by a hired caregiver, Clayton – played by Lucifer’s Alexander Koch – who starts to fall in love with her, and apparently, everything goes stir-crazy from then on.



The film was produced in a filming studio in Los Angeles and therefore, has 0 outdoor scenes… would you give Sightless a go?