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WATCH: Prof. Charmaine Gauci Gets Shouted At and Insulted By Driving Instructor

Malta’s Public Health Chief, Prof Charmaine Gauci has been hailed as Malta’s hero in these COVID-19 Times, by more or less every person who speaks her name, but it appears like the positive sentiment has not been carried over to this particular driving instructor who took the liberty to wait for Prof Gauci in front of PBS, just so she could give her a peace of her mind on the recent developments with regards to the driving instructing measures recently announced.

As from this week, it has been announced that driving lessons can carry on as usual.

Whilst we understand and value the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we are 100% sure that there are ways and means on how this could be done in a much better way, without the need to verbally and physically attack someone else.

And when I say, gave her a peace of her mind, I mean screaming “SIXTY CENTIMETRES HA!” at the top of her lungs… check it out.

Just to translate, the video starts with this driving instructor shouting: “Who’s threatening you? I’m not threatening you!” and moves on to state her point that if you were to get into the car, you’d see the distance between the driver and the person in the passenger seat, 60cm!”

Things get a bit inaudible at that point, but let’s just say, it’s not a position I would want to find myself in if I were Prof. Gauci.

Police officers had to intervene in order for Prof Gauci to be able to leave the premises.


Video found on YouTube