WATCH: Prof Charmaine Gauci And All The Frontliners Thank The People Of Malta In A Touching Video


We clapped, we cheered, we drew hearts, we drew rainbows, and all to thank people like Professor Charmaine Gauci and ALL the frontliners who are working tirelessly to keep us safe!

Today, in somewhat of a payback time, Prof Gauci in hologram form, led the thank-yous to none other than US, the people of Malta and Gozo.


L-eroj jgħidulkom grazzi.

Għedtulna grazzi u sejjaħtulna eroj. Il-grazzi tagħna llum tmur lilkom li qed tiftħu paġna ġdida għal dan il-pajjiż 🇲🇹.

Publiée par Covid19 Malta sur Mardi 19 mai 2020


The video features a doctor, an AFM Soldier, a nurse, and a cleansing officer amongst others, and starts with one of the best quotes of Guze’ Ellul Mercer – “this gem in the Mediterranean truly deserved to be called ‘Heaven on Earth’”



This, coupled with some amazing shots of Malta and Gozo, and of Malta’s decorated streets and balconies, with the Maltese flag on the forefront, has become THE feel-good video we didn’t know we needed.



The words of Prof Charmaine Gauci however, hit home!

“Many of you tell me that I have a place in your heart. I feel all of that love, and it gives me strength. When this is all over, in the same way that you will not be forgetting all that we have done, we too, shall not forget what you did for us, and for our country. We have only one thing to say to you – Thank You!” – Prof Charmaine Gauci, Superintendent of Public Health



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