WATCH: Post Malone Has Heartfelt Moment With Fan


We need more people like you Post Malone!



Post Malone is quite known for being a very nice guy. In fact. one can find YouTube compilations titled as: Post Malone being a good guy for 6 minutes straight, Top 10 Times Post Malone Was Awesome and Post Malone is the NICEST Person Ever.


Andrew Schumacher was celebrating his 21st birthday with his loved ones when they were placed at the table next to Post Malone!




Andrew’s mother explained how he has autism and was very pleased to see Post Malone being so kind and patient with him. After sending a bottle of sake over to the rapper’s table, Malone walked to their table to thank them.



“He was so incredibly kind and patient with our son who has autism. Andrew has a hard time speaking and Austin was so natural and sweet with him,” Nicole told FOX 11.



The convo goes like this:


“He has autism and knows all of your songs,” Andrew’s mother told the rap artist.


“Dude, thank you for listening,” Post Malone replied. “That’s so sweet and nice to meet you.”


“Have fun dude, but not too much fun,” the rapper said.