WATCH: Policeman Breaks Up a Fight And Reverses Car


In what is the second “argument” video making the rounds this week, a policeman intervened to break up a fight, and even reversing a car himself, after its driver kept on driving into a car which was parked.

The argument, which was filmed and uploaded onto the Buzzulotti – Malta facebook page involved three women, two of who were on the pavement, and who reacted strongly after the car in question was driven onto the parked car (which was parked in front of a garage – so this might be the reason as to why it all started)



This is when the policeman opens the vehicle, instructs the person to get out of the car, and reverses it himself. A physical altercation then leads to another strong reaction, leading to one pushing the other one back.

The police officer intervenes once again to break the women again, preventing what could have been a bigger argument.



Earlier this week we were also treated to another classic case of Maltese road rage, as a video was uploaded showing a street vegetable vendor throw a box of fruits (jahasra x’hela) at a car that pulled up near the van.


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