WATCH: Pete Buttigieg urges American voters to visit Malta

Pete Buttigieg describes Malta as a beautiful country and urges American voters to visit Malta in one of the latest 2020 Candidate Cafe specials he features in.

He mentions how he frequently visited Malta in the past and even throws in some fun facts about Malta and his uber-common surname Buttigieg.

His surname has been quite a hard one to pronounce for the Americans, with many of them pronouncing ‘Buttigieg’ as ‘Boot-edge-edge’ (will they ever learn how to properly pronounce it?)

He describes his Maltese surname as somehow related to chickens, ‘lord of the poultry’ to be exact.

‘If you go over there, go into a crowded diner and say “Hey Buttigieg”, a bunch of people will turn around.’

He explains how a lot of Game of Thrones was filmed in Malta, together with World War Z, then proceeds to recount the time he accidentally stumbled upon the World War Z film set while they were filming.

Mayor Pete is the son of Professor Joseph Buttigieg, who emigrated to the United States in the 70s.

If you watch till the end, Mayor Pete even shares an anecdote of his time in Afghanistan and how he had to use his bargaining skills to get discounts from the local market … and we couldn’t help but think.

Mayor Pete, you might be even more Maltese then you’re letting on.


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