WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Butchers Maltese Phrase

As we hear more about half Maltese Pete Buttigieg, who’s running for president of the USA, one question keeps popping up in our heads … he may have Maltese heritage, but can he actually speak Maltese?

Well folks, we heard him say a few sentences a while back, but I’m afraid today we got another answer to the question … and the answer is a hard No.

The task was simple enough: Translate “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” … to which audiences around the world got “X’gara Vegas, baqi Vegas.”

Now we’re guessing he actually wanted to say ‘X’gara Vegas, baqa Vegas.’

What he really should’ve said is ‘Dak li jigri Vegas, jibqa Vegas.”

At least he’s aware he needs to brush up on his Maltese speaking skills.

He himself said: “A bunch of Maltese people are going to tweet me on how I got that wrong… but yeah.”

We give Pete a solid 5/10 for effort.

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