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WATCH: People in Balzan Sing and Dance to Maltese “Anthem” Sweet Caroline on Easter Sunday

Every party, festa, wedding or gathering you’ve been to in the past two years ago, at one point or another, will have everyone singing and dancing to ‘Sweet Caroline’. It’s a song that everyone knows and loves (cos even if you don’t like it, you know it, and have sung to it – don’t lie).

One street in Balzan has kept everyone’s spirits high by blasting on this Maltese “anthem” in full volume and getting everyone in the vicinity to sing along and dance to it. Honestly? It’s one of the best things we’ve seen all week, after seeing Malta’s police force playing banda tunes to elderly in care homes, of course.

Happy Easter from Balzan with Sweet Caroline from the roofs and balconies!Big thank you to neighbour who brought speakers out! ♥️♥️♥️

Publiée par Tatjana Akik sur Dimanche 12 avril 2020

At one point, as the music is lowered, you can hear everyone from their balconies singing along.

Balzan resident Tatjana Akik shared this video on Facebook of her family and neighbours singing, clapping and dancing along to the upbeat tune.

“Happy Easter from Balzan with Sweet Caroline from the roofs and balconies! Big thank you to neighbour who brought speakers out!” she wrote.

People from all around the island have been advised to not leave their homes unless they absolutely have to. Some haven’t left their homes in over a month now… but neighbours like these definitely make these days of self-isolation more bearable!

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