WATCH: People Are Gushing Over Tom Hardy’s Latest Sexy Brussel Sprouts Ad


Looks like Tom Hardy is giving Morgan Freeman a run for his money, as Hardy narrates a new advert for Brussel sprouts.



Whilst Brussel sprouts are probably the least of Christmas treats to get any love, your view might change after watching this advert, thanks to the sexy tones of none other but Tom Hardy!



In the advert, Hardy himself shares his own love for Brussel sprouts, “Bring on the sprouts! 100 percent British gorgeousness, ooh cheeky, farm-fresh, specially selected, I do love a pretty sprout,” he declares in the voiceover.



Tom then goes full-on Peaky Blinders to tell us, “If you’re one of these strange people that doesn’t like sprouts – think again, sunshine.” Now I don’t know about you, but I’m surely rethinking hankering some Brussel sprouts this festive season…



And of course, the Twitter thread on the advert is absolute gold too, with one writing, ‘Tom Hardy is narrating an M&S advert for sprouts and hot damn,’.

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