WATCH: Pandemic Babies React To Doing Things For The First Time


The pandemic has surely proved to be a tough time for everyone especially for all those pregnant women that welcomed a little one during lockdown.


A study carried out by Home Start showed that since the end of March 2020 over 600,000 babies were born in England.


This meant that they have spent their entire existence in quarantine and the vast majority of that time has stuck inside the same four walls. therefore, parents are sharing their babies’ adorable faces of wonder on TikTok as they start to show the world to their little one now lockdown restrictions are easing.



One could easily notice how their eyes would light up as they experience something for the first thing which is often taken for granted by us, such as a visit tot the supermarket.


One heart-warming video saw one toddler look genuinely amazed to be wheeled around Target.



First time in a shopping cart. Only store she knows…. #pandemicbaby #babiesoftiktok #toddlertok #happyplace #target

♬ Sober Up (Steve Aoki Remix) – AJR

Another video saw two bewildered twins look nervously as they’re wheeled around a supermarket, gingerly touching products and staring with puppy-dog eyes at those around them.




♬ original sound – The Browns


A third baby, in a video uploaded by a TikToker was utterly delighted to be out in the wild.



Bonus: he did great in public! #pandemicbaby #toddler #costco #relatable #momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Becca

And the videos have filled so many with happiness, as it really is uplifting to see someone so little find such joy in things we totally take for granted.

“It gives me hope seeing them so happy and not scared!” one woman wrote in the comments.



#babiesoftiktok #baby #quarantinebaby #pandemic #pandemicbaby

♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator – Chip Tha Ripper


A second added: “He is just absolutely adorable. How weird his life has been solely at home then seeing all masks and no expressions on people’s faces when he’s out.”



If only we found a trip to the supermarket as exciting!


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