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WATCH: Owen Leuellen Sums Up How We All Felt in 2020 With THIS New Release!


Local artist and rapper Owen Leuellen has released his latest single called ‘Dark Days’.

‘Dark Days’ is a song that captures the mood that all of us have been going through recently, obviously due to a pandemic that ravaged the world. The artist was inspired by these awful times and the fact that as cliche’ as it might sound, it is true that everyone has to go through the ‘Dark Days’ in order to enjoy and savour the brighter ones.



Owen told Bay that “‘Dark Days’ is truly a song that is close to my heart, not only does it showcase the feelings that many have been feeling, but it also gives a message of hope. I truly believe that ‘Dark Days’ are a blessing and one has to go through whatever life throws at us, expected and unexpected in order to enjoy the nicer periods.”