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WATCH: Our Ylenia (and Max) Join Ivan Grech And Friends To Remind Us All To Be Happy!


Our Ylenia, and her beloved Max and a bunch of local musicians and stars of TV and Radio, have teamed up with Ivan Grech for one special rendition of Happy, by Pharrell Williams

A couple of weeks ago guitarist Charlie Muscat posted a Rock/Metal Version he recorded of the iconic song. Ivan came across it during a Breakfast Facebook Scrolling session and “it really gave me a good rocking vibe, so I told Chalie that he should maybe take it further and invite someone to sing it and record and post it with vocals, just for a bit of fun, he said wow that’s actually a very good idea, I got him all hyped up.”



Ivan and Chalie worked together and did some alterations to his version to include his vocals and moved on to the next task, a Video.

“I came up with the idea of having a mesh up of homemade clips with people rocking away, singing, dancing and just having a bit of fun with the song. So I reached out to a few amazing friends for some positive vibes to add to the song and the result is this fun video that I’m sharing with you here today, No frills, Beautiful People, simply a whole lot of positivity, good vibes and fun,” Ivan said on Facebook, whilst thanking all the “Beautiful Souls who graciously and wholeheartedly accepted my invitation and made a humble idea come alive.”