WATCH: Oreo Built A Massive Vault To Preserve Cookies For The Future


It’s not the first time that the Earth has been hit by a life-destroying asteroid (R.I.P. all the dinosaurs), so might as well prepare just in case round-two ever comes around. After all, just on 2nd November, an asteroid flew right by us, so we shouldn’t’ be taking any chances!

A few countries have built large doomsday vault holding seeds in order to re-plant the world, but let’s face it, that’s far from the most exciting task to wake up to after possibly surviving a catastrophic event.



So, have no fear! The good people at Oreo have got you covered!



Yes, the company of double-stuffed deliciousness have made sure that the legacy of their cookie never dies by building a massive vault to keep those cookies preserved well into the future. It’s sort of like a time-capsule, but for cookies!



They packaged these emergency-cookies in the durable casing and have even thrown in a few vials with powdered milk! Oreo really did go all out on making the world a better place way into the future.



Of course, like any ordinary Oreos, the ones stored in the vault will eventually expire, and that’s pretty sad to think about. Well, Oreo ALSO included the recipe to their famous cookies right there in the vault. They really thought of everything, huh?



It would obviously be quite hard to hide such a massive publicity stunt, so Oreo just let everyone know exactly where it is! But be warned, Sven the Security Guard will be there to make sure no one gains access to these cookies without a fight!



We can all rest assured that if all else fails, there will always be a massive stash of Oreos just waiting to be broken into! Just make sure that you happen to be somewhere near Norway when that meteor hits…


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