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WATCH: Opera singer with Cerebral Palsy graces the Maltese Islands with her powerful vocals

What better way is there to start off this upcoming festive season than having an actual angel descend from the heavens!?

Last Saturday, a video of Alfina Fresta rehearsing for Christmas in Gozo took over Facebook and left hundreds dumb founded at the talent that she emmitted using just her voice.

Rehearsals for this evening’s Christmas In Gozo. Alfina Fresta is simply amazing.Come and join us.

Publiée par Justyne Caruana sur Samedi 30 novembre 2019

With a bright smile on her face, this 30-year old opera singer and performer does not let her cerebral palsy limit the heights that her voice can take her to.

She is a perfect example of achieving whatever it is that you put your mind to no matter what challenging circumstances life throws at you.

Needless to say, her performance warmed the hearts of many who then took it to the comment section to express their amazement and appreciation.

There was nothing but praise and love shown towards Alfina Fresta as people virtually cheered her on and thanked her for being a ray of hope among all the commotion our island finds itself in at the moment.

And despite her recent rise to fame, she had already has some fans who credited the work she has been a part of over the past year which you can witness for yourself on her own Youtube channel.

Thank you for sharing your strong and relentless spirit with us Alfina Fresta.

Keep shining, we can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the world!