WATCH: Open suitcase spotted in flooded Msida street and heavy rain causes mini tidal waves in Swieqi

Maltese stormy weather makes you do crazy things, we know that.

You’ll leave for work hours before you should in fear of being stuck in traffic, and you’ll forget stuff behind you cause you’re so flustered … like a suitcase for example.

That’s what was spotted in Msida earlier in today and we can’t stop coming up with hypothetical situations as to why someone would to that!

We’ve got so many questions…

We don’t know whether someone left it there by mistake … or if someone got into a fight with their s.o and decided to pack up their stuff and throw it out the door in this storm as the ultimate vendetta.

And while some hurry their pace to find shelter from the rain, others embrace it in its full glory.

Some get the urge to take their lilo out and go out for a swim … and we can’t blame them, especially when the heavy rain is causing waves as huge as these on our roads – perfect for surfing if you ask us.

Video credits go to Luigi Sapiano 

It’s been a crazy day ladies and gents. Got any other crazy weather photos? Send them over, we’d love to see them!

Tag someone who needs a new suitcase, or is up for a surfing session. We’ll gladly message them the exact location where they can do both…

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